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If you are looking for professional window cleaning nearby, then for Walton-on-Thames, the best choice is Sunny House! We offer solutions to all problems and get rid of any stains there might be. You can book us for big office spaces that need window cleaning, or for your home where we will also make sure everything is sparkling clean! Enjoy shining windows at your property by booking our premium cleaning services! Premium by service but not by price, as we offer budget-friendly rates that will be in your favour.

Best Window Cleaning in Walton-on-Thames

You can rest assured our experts are vetted and insured! They do an excellent job of making the glass doors and windows shine as good as new! Our windows cleaners come on-site with their own van and equipment, the only thing you need to provide is a parking spot close to your property. After that, they will be up to any challenge and remove all dirt and stains. As professional windows cleaners, they are proficient in achieving great results.

The years of experience they have taught them how to take care of any problems and clean the windows of the building the best possible way. Not only that, but you’ll get the best prices for the results you get! What are you waiting for? Book us today!

Get Professional Window Cleaning from £42

  • Our customers leave us 5 stars as feedback for all of our cleaning services. We have been booked for all types of houses, apartment buildings, office constructions, and more. They know the subtleties of all corners, places, and tiny spaces and exactly how to treat them the best possible way, leaving your windows shining.
  • The prices are fixed, and there are no hidden fees! You will receive premium cleaning service for as low as possible prices. Of course, everything is pursuant to being budget-friendly.
  • Our booking options are flexible! We work all week long, have flexibility in the hours, and can be at your location even on holidays! You’ll have your windows cleaned at any time preferred!

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If you are looking for leading window cleaning services in Walton-on-Thames, Sunny House is the best choice you can make! You can give us a call so we can discuss an appropriate time for you or leave us an email if you have any more questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long will the procedure of window cleaning take?

A: This really is a cleaning service that depends on the number of windows you have and their size. You can call us, and we’ll discuss the time needed after we get the information on your property.

Q: What methods for cleaning the surfaces of the windows do you use?

A: There are various ways to do that. For example, for windows that are hard to reach, we use a window pole system, and the results are just stunning! The methods we use to get rid of bacteria, microplastics, and any stains are all proven to be the best possible.

Q: How often should I have my windows cleaned?

A: You can clean your windows internally every couple of weeks, but external window cleaning can be done every couple of months.

Q: Do you just wash and polish?

A: No, there is a whole process of preparing the surface for cleaning and then taking care of it. Keep in mind that we are using harmless detergents for the internal windows, and for the external window cleaning, we use powerful tools and products to remove any dirt.

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