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We all love carpets! They add so much aesthetic to our homes, but unfortunately, they are really hard to maintain. Those pleasing decor pieces can easily absorb dirt, stain and pollutant from numerous sources. And for this reason, you must clean your carpets frequently.

You can use several methods to make your life easier with carpet cleaning, but by far, the most reliable one is called hot water extraction. It not only does the job by cleaning very stubborn stains but also serves you with other benefits, like improving the quality of the air in your home.

How Does HWE Work?

Carpet cleaners use professional equipment to inject hot water under high pressure into the stained fabric.

This includes the following steps:

  • Water is mixed with a small amount of gentle detergent, and then the liquid gets heated. It is preferable to use eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, and pet-friendly products. We, as a carpet cleaning company, use only safe products!
  • The high-pressure machine injects the mixture directly onto the carpets, making it easy and instantaneous to remove even very stubborn stains. This method also kills bacteria that have grown embedded in your carpet’s fibres.
  • In the end, the surface gets vacuumed, sucking up all the moisture and dislodging dirt from your carpet. This step is super important as it prevents mould and bad odours.
You can also use this hot water extraction on other upholstered furniture in your home, like sofas, chairs, or even mattresses. Consult with a professional ahead to ensure that the specific fabric of each piece allows this procedure.


As we already said, there are lots of different methods available when it comes to carpet cleaning, but why is HWE the most effective one? Simply, it gives the fastest and most optimal results, but let’s go into more depth!

Steam vs HWE

With steam cleaning, we use the steam from boiled water to clean the fabric surfaces. This process has lots of advantages. It deals very effectively with bacteria and odour. However, hot water extraction is much more sparing with the fabrics as it prevents the danger of ruining your furniture. With HWE, there is no risk of non-removable water stains, which can easily appear after steam cleaning.

Dry Cleaning vs HWE

As you can guess from its name, during the dry-cleaning method, we use no water. This is a good alternative only for a refreshing procedure, as it can’t remove actual stains or dirt as the HWE method does. If you are not sure whether you need deep cleaning, always consult with professionals! They will advise you and ensure you achieve the best results based on your personal needs.

Book a professional cleaner?

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When we buy carpets, we usually make a long-term investment. To keep a carpet fresh, clean, and good-looking, you better use smart methods like hot water extraction regularly! Are you still not convinced by the advantages of HWE? Here are a few more:

  • Hot water extraction is a deep cleaning method that refreshes your carpet from head to toe. Thanks to the high pressure, it can remove build-up dirt in seconds. After the job is done, you won’t be able to spot any residue left behind.
  • This method can be eco-friendly if the experts use natural and non-toxic solutions, like us. Most of the other cleaning methods use mainly harsh chemicals, which can cause health issues for both people and pets.

If done by experts, hot water extraction is a well-made investment that will keep your carpets looking new for years and will benefit your health by preventing the accumulation of dirt.

You can always rely on Sunny House Cleaning Services to do the job! We use the best equipment needed to give a new life to your beloved home!

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