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Carpets have the power to make a house turn into a home! They bring cosiness and warmth, but we also love them because we think they require less maintenance than hard-surface flooring. Do you vacuum your carpet when it gets dirty, considering that is enough to refresh it? Well, unfortunately, this is far from the truth!

Those fibres can hide tons of dust and bacteria. The worst of all are all the shades from your tries to clean up the mess. Yes, figuring out how to properly clean your carpet may feel like an impossible task, so in case you doubt your skills, call a professional carpet cleaning company. If you still decide to do the job yourself, here are a few tips!


Your carpets collect dirt, and, unfortunately, we spread it all over the place. It is inevitable. Never skip vacuuming weekly! If you have kids, pets, or you welcome many people into your home, do this step even a few times per week.
The fibres of your carpets act as a filter, so all the dust inside will pollute your air. Not to mention all the bacteria hiding there. Good maintenance can add years to the life of your rug!
Now that we know how important vacuuming can be, it is also good to note that you should do it properly. Yes, we know you have more exciting things in your life, but take the time and do it right! Professionals recommend slowly counting to three during each move forward and back. Even if you plan to continue with deep cleaning, do not shuffle through the vacuuming, as it can pick up most of the dust and dirt, giving you better overall results.

Deep carpet cleaning at home

Once in a while, after finishing with the vacuum, you need to go deeper into the fibres. If you want to maintain your carpet in the best condition possible, we recommend you do this step at the moment you notice your carpet starting to look worn out. The good news is that all you need, you most definitely already have in your cabinets.

Sprinkle baking soda on the carpet, spill some warm water all over it, and with an old toothbrush or gentle carpet brush, start scrubbing all areas. Of course, if there are small stains, put more effort into them. After you are done, take the time to dry the carpet. It is super important not to step on the carpet while it is still wet. This can create more problems than you’ve already solved.

Book a professional cleaner?

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What to avoid when doing your carpet cleaning

We want to focus more on the over-wetting issue. Always spread water on drops, controlling the amount, as you should dry the carpet completely afterwards! The drying time should take no more than 48 hours to prevent mould. Once you get mould in the fibres or the pad, your carpet is more or less ruined. You don’t want this, right?

Do not use bleach while cleaning by yourself. Yes, it will probably help with stains, but it is more likely that the strong chemicals in bleach will decolourise your carpet. There is no going back, no way to recover afterwards, so don’t take this risk.

Be very careful when using abrasive tools. They can be very harsh and damage the fibres of your carpet. Move smoothly and gently while cleaning with brushes and pay attention to how it affects the material. Stop if you notice any problems.

If you feel like maintaining your carpet is taking you too much time, and effort or your results are not satisfying, count on our professional cleaning services. Sunny House will send you the best experts to do the job quickly and effectively!

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