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Domestic cleaning is never a fun thing to do, is it? Especially when it comes to getting rid of grease and stubborn stains in the oven! Well, you are in luck! We offer professional oven cleaning that will make your oven look as good as new! It’s time to remove all bacteria, microbes, and nasty odours and start enjoying your healthy meals!

Oven Cleaning in Walton-on-Thames

Are you looking for oven cleaning services nearby? Look no more! Sunny House is here to take care of probably your least favourite household task. Our company offers professional oven cleaning services in Walton-on-Thames and quality results are simply a guarantee!

You can rest assured we are using eco-friendly detergents that won’t have a smell or leave chemicals in your oven. Your health and safety are always our number one priority!

Trust our trained cleaners to take care of your oven and make it as good as new! The technology they use, the experience they have, and the products they rely on, are altogether the perfect combination for a professionally completed job!

Oven Cleaning Prices

Service Price
Cleaning for your hood, fridge, and other kitchen appliances from £42

*Book our oven cleaning service in London and enjoy.
*You can also request a cleaning for your hood, fridge, and other kitchen appliances to combine with this service. Call Sunny House operators for more details about the appliance cleanup prices.

Professional Oven Cleaning That Covers it All

To ensure your place looks as good as it has to, we take our time, effort, and knowledge all in power. Our results are guaranteed, and we are proud to cover not only ovens but also your grills, microwaves, barbeques, hobs, and extractors! Anything you need in the area of Walton-on-Thames – we’ll be there to take care of it!

You’ll get:

  • Cleaners using top-notch quality equipment and products
  • Dedication to the process by expert professional cleaners
  • A transparent cleaning service that doesn’t leave a spot behind
  • Fantastic discounts, affordable prices, and no hidden fees
  • A record of satisfied customers and vetted experts
  • Easy booking process and 7 days a week available slots for your convenience
  • Eco-friendly detergents that will leave no odour or marks

How does the service work?

You can be sure we’ll get you through the whole process once you call us! Tell us what the brand of the oven is, what do you want us to cover, and when is your first available slot for booking. Our experts have experience with almost all kinds of ovens, including Whirlpool, Rayburn, Rangemaster, and a lot more.

By using non-toxic products we are still able to get rid of any grease, grime, and/or burnt food. You won’t be able to recognise your own oven, you’ll see!

Book us today and get a free quote for your oven cleaning in Walton-on-Thames!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I trust the products you use for oven cleaning?
A: You absolutely can! We made sure to choose carefully what products we’ll be using as your safety is our priority. They won’t damage in any way the oven or leave anything behind for you to worry about!

Q: Can I use the oven after you are finished?
A: Yes! As soon as we are done with cleaning, drying, and wiping everything down, the oven will be just as good and ready to be used for delicious meals!

Q: Can I combine oven cleaning with other appliance cleanings you offer?
A: Not only you can do that, but you might also get a discount! We do everything we can to offer you the best experience. That’s why if you book us for a few of our services, you might get a great deal for it too!

Q: How long does it take to clean my oven?
A: This really depends on the dirt on the oven and its size, but approximately it can last up to 3 hours for maximum results.

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