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While being at home, most people spend half their time on the sofa, and yet cleaning it is usually at the bottom of their priority list. The surface of your couch traps grime, dust, and stubborn stains, polluting the air that you breathe. If you want your sofa to serve you for a long time and not create health problems for you and your family, you need to clean it regularly.

Sure, most of the time you can do the job yourself, but sofas are usually expensive furniture, so it is important to use professional help once in a while, especially if there is a big stain. It is worth investing in cleaning services when there is a risk of damaging them. A cleaning expert will determine the fabric of your sofa and use the best cleaning method for it.

How much does professional sofa cleaning cost? Lots of people get confused while looking for the answer, and in reality, it is quite hard to calculate. There are several factors that determine the price. Let’s observe them!

The size & shape

The sizes and shapes may vary drastically. You can’t compare the efforts put into cleaning one item sofa with those for four seated L-shaped couches. The smaller the piece, the more considerable price you get.

Cleaning method

Steam Cleaning is one of the most popular and common techniques for cleaning upholstered furniture. It will sanitise and help to release dirt, even stubborn stains, by using high temperature and high-pressure steam.

Hot water extraction – this method uses water and gentle detergent. The mixture gets heated and injected under high pressure into the surface. It removes the dirt for seconds, and then the machine sucks back all the moisture, leaving your couch refreshed and looking brand new.

Dry cleaning is an excellent choice for cleaning delicate or non-water resistant material sofas. When it comes to fabrics, always check the cleaning instructions on the tag of your furniture. There are some that suggest “dry cleaning only”, and if this is the case, do not consider the other methods.

Stain Cleaning – As we already said, if you have a stubborn stain, always count on a professional. Based on the origins of the stain and the material of your sofa, they will take the necessary measures. Heavy stains often require pre-treatment services as a measure to dissolve the dirt.

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Material of the sofa

Polyester, cotton, and wool are some of the most common materials used for sofa upholstery. The good news is that they are also much easier to maintain and suitable for most methods, also more cost-effective.

Leather – the leather couch is much more delicate. Professionals should use specific formulated leather products and take extra care, so it will also be more expensive.


Considering all this information, the average price for a professional cleaning service of a sofa can vary from 30£ to 130£. Always ask the cleaning company for a consultation first, as they can pre-calculate the price based on your specific needs. This step costs you nothing but, it can help you to make the choice if the professional upholstery cleaning is worth the price.

Whether you are changing apartments and need to refresh your furniture, you are struggling with a specific issue, or you want to maintain a more clean and healthy space, professional help is the most reliable choice.

Sunny House Cleaning Services will offer you the best services in the area, having the most modern equipment to make sure the job will be done excellently. You can always contact us for a consultation and a free quote! We will be happy to make your sofa look brand new!

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